Sagemoor Vineyard

Vineyard Map

Sagemoor is the namesake property of the five vineyards in the Sagemoor group. It’s on the east side of the Columbia River, 15 miles north of Tri-Cities, WA. Sagemoor is in the Columbia Valley AVA and has 180 acres planted to wine grapes. It’s also the next door to Bacchus and Dionysus vineyards.

The original partners of Sagemoor pioneered the early Washington wine industry. Alec Bayless, Albert Ravenholt, Winslow Wright, and Syd Abrams were visionaries that shaped the direction and development of Sagemoor Vineyard, as well as the WA wine industry as a whole in its crucial formative years.

Fun fact: The original partners, having little idea what would grow well, established a “mother block” to test different varietals. Pinot Noir, Muscatel Ottonel, Muscat Blanc… All manner of plantings passed through the history of this vineyard.

Today, after 40+ years of experimentation and feedback from winery partners, Sagemoor grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Barbera, Malbec, Sangiovese, and Grenache for reds. Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Roussane, and Chardonnay for white.

We have 10 acres of 1972 Cabernet plantings, a great source for “old vine” Washington Cab.

Sagemoor has a stunning view to the southwest overlooking the mighty Columbia River and the Rattlesnake Mountains. The southwestern sloping land with elevation ranging  from 400-860 feet provides ideal conditions for both grapes and tree fruit.

Sagemoor’s soils for grape growing are comprised mostly of:

Quincy loamy fine sand 0-15% slope

Sagehill very fine sandy loam 2-10% slope

Sagemoor has a secure water source thanks to the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. Originally, Sagemoor was irrigated with overhead sprinklers which was most useful for frost protection as well as irrigation. Since those early days, we’ve converted to drip irrigation, with sprinklers used for frost control, cooling, and occasional irrigation. Drip irrigation allows us to use Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI). With RDI and soil moisture monitoring we’re able to constantly fine tune and improve quality.

Today, Sagemoor supplies grapes to at least 25 Washington wineries producing award-winning wines, and is managed by Lacey Lybeck.

To inquire about availability contact Kent Waliser, Director of Operations.